SNOWBOARD wrist guards

Snowboard Wristguards Flexmeter!

Wristguard Flexmeter Single protection

World’s first Flexmeter snowboard wristguard our single model. Flexmeter is a dorsal protection worn above the wrist which disperses initial impact loads up the forearm by transferring the energy. The material of the protector on the back of the wrist is Hytrel of Dupont flexible but not fragile.

Single snowboard pols protector

Wristguard Flexmeter Plus double protection with PalmPro

This wristguard has one splint above the wrist , and one splint under the wrist, also made of the Hytrel of Dupont.

Dubbele Snowboard wristprotector

Wristguard Flexmeter Plus wrist protector with 2 protectors and 1 PalmPro

Wristguard Flexmeter Plus is the flexmeter with a splint above the wrist, a splint under the wrist and the PalmPro which protects while skating in the summer and can be taken of while snowboarding in the winter.

Snowboard en skate pols protector

Snowboard glove with Single Flexmeter wristprotector

Snowboard glove Docmeter with the 1 Hytrel technic of Dupont Flexmeter splint above the wrist. We have 3 models Snowboard Gloves with 1 Flexmeter protector into. Feel so free to visit our shop 


Snowboard glove with 2 Flexmeter wristprotectors

The snowboard wristguard glove of Docmeter with the Hytrel technic of Dupont 1 splint above the wrist and 1 splint under the wrist. Glove double protection ! 

Snowboard Impact Short

Snowboard protection short, Impact Short with High density foam and Impact Short with  thermoplastic hulls offer an optimal protection to your hips, thighs, buttocks and coccyx.
They are particularly used for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or Motocrossing. Spinemeter short can be easily inserted under moto or ski trousers and mountain bike shorts. Its alveolate lycra is breathable, thus your skin will correctly breath during
effort for an increased comfort of use. 

Snowboard protection short

Back protection

Backprotection Docmeter also called spineguard or back protector. Snowboard backprotectors of Docmeter are available in several sizes for optimal protection in a cool design. Specially for Wintersports flexible cause of the many shells from 4 up to 7 shells, but also for motorsport and mountain biking. We have the standard  backprotector, the armour vest, and the protective Gilet.  The Armour Vest gives full protection to the upper body. Protective Gilet is chest and back protection . Besides these back protectors with shells of Docmeter are in the harder environment ideal. Experience the last years has shown that the price / quality ratio is optimal good.

From Komperdell we are proud to deliver the Cross2 Cross3 back protectors and back protection, the Komperdell Cross2 Cross3 Jacket and Vest. Komperdell Cross with the winner of the Innovation Award 2012 for the dual density system that safety equals comfortabiliteit. A long life almost naturally.

After a first successful introduction of the Komperdell Cross protection in 2011, the range for the season 2012-2013 we have extended with the revolutionary protector Ballistic vest, mono shorts Cross3 and the Komperdell profi worldcup serie elbow and shin guards for ski.

Play Trend Cyes delivers both snowboard and ski protection gear, but also protection for water sports this season kitesurfing vest, wakeboard impact vest and impact waterskiing vests from Camaro. Get to know the water jackets.

Snowboard Backprotector with chest protection

De chestpads van de Spinemeter back protector

Snowboard backprotector 4 shells

snowboard spineguard back protector van spinemeter

Snowboard backprotector 5 shells

snowboard spineguard back protector van spinemeter

Snowboard backprotector 6 shells

snowboard spineguard back protector van spinemeter

Snowboard backprotector 7 shells

snowboard spineguard back protector van spinemeter