SNOWBOARD wrist guards

Snowboard wrist Guards information!

Snowboard Wrist Guards flexible with optimal comfort for extreme sporters and ofcourse a highend snowboard wrist protector for all snowboarders ! As well with single protector, Flexmeter snowboard wrist guard with 1 splint, as double Flexmeter snowboard wrist guard called Flexmeter Plus with 2 splints protectors with or without Snowboard Gloves Docmeter or Mittens available for young and old in sizes S, M en L.
Last but not least the snowboard wrist protector Flexmeter Plus with extra inline skate PalmPro. See underneath the snowboard double protection wristguard Flexmeter Plus.

flexmeter snowboard pols protector double voorbeeld

flexmeter large snowboard wrist guard sluitingen

Technische specs:

•All levels of snowboarding
• Splint: dorsal thermoplastic splint in Hytrel® of Dupont.This for wristguard single, double flexmeter wrist guard Plus.
• Splint: palm only for the flexmeter Plus wrist guard thermoplastic splint in Hytrel®and palm thermoplastic splint in Hytrel®
• PalmPro protection : removable, only with wrist protector Flexmeter Plus for skaters highly resistant
• Perfect stability whatever temperatures (-40°C to +40°C).
• Progressive hinge.
• Exterior: 90% Neoprene, 10% Polyethylene
• Lining: 100% Polyamide
• Slides: 2 adjustable slides with velcro fastening system.
The first one is not elastic to maintain maximum performance,
the second one is elastic for a better adjustment of the splint.

Impact Short Snowboard protective Shorts !

Snowboard protection shorts the Impact Short.

Spineguard Snowboard Impact short

Impact Short 
Sizes Weight (in gram) Hips measure (in cm)
S 280 gr 70-80 cm
M 300 gr 80-90 cm
L 310 gr 90-100 cm
XL 320 gr > 100 cm

Impact Shorts 2 modells   

Impact short soft :high dentity foam  placed at the gluteal  muscles, iliac crest and the trochanteric region.Impact Short: thermoplastic protectors placed at the gluteal  muscles, iliac crest and the trochanteric region.See in our shop the differences between the Impact Short Soft and the Impact Short reinforced rigid hulls.

Sizes and colours
XS,S, M, L and XL : Black
Use for:
All levels of mountain biking, BMX, snowboarding, alpine skiing,
motocrossing … (leisure and/or competition)
Technical features:
▪ Material: Alveolate Lycra, lightweight and breathable.
▪ Protections: Thermoplastic shells placed on the trochaterian
and saccrum/coccyx areas.
▪ Reinforcements: High density foam. Placed at hips, thights, buttocks
and coxxyx levels.

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Snowboard backprotector spine-guards!

The Snowboard Back protector is in several sizes , the number of shells gives the size.

Spineguard de snowboard rugprotectie van flexmeter

Back protector
Sizes Shells number Weight (in gram) Length in mm
S to 1,4 m 4 500 gr 350 mm
M 1,4-1,6m 5 580 gr 450 mm
L 1,6-1,8m 6 700 gr 520 mm
XL >1,8m 7 800 gr 600 mm
Sizes and color
S, M, L and XL : Black / Red

Use for mountain biking, BMX, snowboarding, alpine skiing, motocrossing ..
Technical features
▪ Back protector: articulated thermoplastic shells.
▪ Stop system: does not allow the harmfull spine hyperextension.
▪ Reinforcements: high density foam (thickness higher than 25 mm).
▪ Adjustable slides at shoulders level.
▪ Abdominal slide adjustable by velcro.
Conform to PPE standards

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