SNOWBOARD Wrist guards

Snowboard Protective gear, Wrist Guards!

Flexmeter first special snowboarders wristguard since 2003!
Respected for the safety and the mobility of the hand!
Wristguard Flexmeter recommended by wrist surgeons!
Wrist protection of Dupont's Hytrel material!
A broken wrist is not cool, protect with Flexmeter!

Designed with the respect of the anatomically shape of the wrist. Wrist-guards Flexmeter by the Hytrel® structure of Dupont. No matter if you are fun snowboarder or profi snowboarder Flexmeter hand and wrist-guard is there for every kind of snowboarder! Flexible Multisports is especialy developed for wearing during snowboard and for skate in the summer on the street or during ice skate. Wrist-guard Flexmeter has been bio mechanically investigated by medical and technical engineers during accidents while snowboarding. One very important result is the fact that when wearing a Flexmeter while snowboarding it reduces the risk for snowboard wrist- and underarm fractures up to 67%. Worldwide each season for about a 100.000 snowboarders have to stop snowboarding during the rest of their holiday, injured caused by falling. More than 50% of these snowboarders injuries is a wrist fracture. Many of them come home with this worse souvenir, a fracture which will be there for months and months, if not for longer than. The most common events leading to an injury in snowboarding is falling (59.6%) and jumping (36.1%). Not for only beginners,  to reduce the snowboarders' wrist injury risk, but also experienced snowboarders can have serious accidents, caused by others also often, therefore an important reason to reduce the risk of being suffering a serious wrist fracture.

It is proven in several independent studies’ special Snowboard Wrist Guard May Prevent Snowboard wrist Injuries, in fact reduces the risk with about 67%

In many countries health insurance companies make clients more and more responsible for their own state of health. Meaning you live a healthy life f.e. no smoker no over-weight etc. your insurance company will cover the costs as normal. Living an unhealthy live, you have to pay more for the monthly rate of health insurance. Now will it ever happen that your health insurance will not pay your costs abroad of hospital and or doctor etc. during your snowboard or skateboard holiday for as you did not wear protection?! 

Flexmeter® starting at 39,95 Euro + shipping costs a winner snowboard wristguard easy to wear underneath gloves or not. 

Snowboard wrist protector cool

Snowboard Gloves with 1 or 2 protectors

Snowboard Gloves Docmeter with 1 or 2 Flexmeter Protectors. These gloves have all the benefits and features which high quality gloves intend to have to be called snowboard gloves. Snowboard Gloves Docmeter with one or two protectors are waterproof, breathable and comfortable. In addition, the gloves have the air flow ventilation system so that condensation is removed and gloves dry halt. The protectors are thermoplastic and flexible but not breakable. The protectors are sewn in the correct position in the gloves can therefore not be removed. Finger Parts of the glove and the palm are reinforced. The snowboard gloves of Docmeter have many keen useful features that make sure you love to wear these snowboard gloves specially underneath the coldest and hardest situations.

Back protection for snowboarders!

Back protector for snowboarders to wear underneath clothing. A very useful protector which gives mobility and protection during snowboarding this all with a cool design. Especially the mobility stays optimal while wearing the Docmeter back protection. Also against unexpected obstacles so less chance for bruises or even worse. If off piste boarding it does happen a little stone spoiling the fun. We deliver the standard backprotector of Docmeter, the armour protection Vest with upper body protection, and the protective Gilet. The  Armour Vest gives full protection to chest, the back,arms and shoulders. The protective Gilet protects chest and back no sleeves. Next to these Back protectors of Docmeter for the harder surroundings we also deliver Back protection which received the award winning innovation price 2012 the Komperdell Cross Back Protection extreme safe extreme thin extreme light.   

WARNING: Wearing back protection does not always protect against the risk of fracture by compression. Therefore no guarantee. Nevertheless it is obvious that wearing back protection reduces the risk onto this enormous.

The back is a normal accepted human part unless the back gets hurt, first than it will be accepted as one of the most important parts of human being. Have a look at our Snowboard and ski Back protection  in our already starting at 57,95 Euro the back will have a good protection. The number of shells is determined by the user’s height, from 4 shells up to 7 shells.

Skihelmets Snowboard helmets with Air System, Bleutooth and camera

Ski helmets and Snowboard helmets for many users often the most worse item to wear, there is no helmet in the world that exactly fits onto your head skull for as every skull  is different in form. Unless you wear our Air System helmet,  at the inside of the helmet are small airbags those can be filled by the

little pump at the helmet with air you feel wether the helmet fits perfectly or needs less or more air. A new experience once used to this Air System Helmet it is said you do not want without Air System anytime anymore. Share the amazing experience with your friends  by wearing a helmet with a camera. We sell 2 kind of camera's for onto ski helmets and snowboard helmets, welcome in our shop, see a link underneath. 

WARNING: Wearing a Helmet does not protect against the risk of injury or death. Therefore no guarantee. Nevertheless our snowboard and ski helmets give extra protection to reduce the risk, a helmet often makes that last important difference.

SkiHelmet and snowboard helmets in our shop.

Deutsche Webseite mit SKIHELME und SNOWBOARD HELME info.

Play Trend Cyes import export off Powerball Iron made in Germany, Warmup warmers and Heatpaxx hotpack etc....

Play Trend also import/export for warmers WarmUp like hand warmers, foot warmers, back warmers, and many more re-useable warmth cushions and non re-useable hot packs. Our non re-usable hot packs manufactured by Grabber and Heatpaxx the re-usable by WarmUp. For snowboarders our hot packs can give your fingers / hand or toes and feet for more than 7 hours warmth. Last but certain not least our Powerball assortiment with Ironpower Powerball Powerball the original for training the arm and wrist muscles. Often the Powerball is used with revalidation after hand-, wrist-, or arm fractures.

Powerball the original en Warmup warmers partners

See herewith some of our other sites with Powerball the original gyroscopic exerciser and WarmUp the re-usable and non re-useable Heatpaxx warmth cushions.


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